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 Rejuva Breast 3 in 1 machine

Lift |  Firm | Tighten
Your Breasts & Butt

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Rejuva Breast Model
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  The 1st & Only Soundwave Device Designed for Breasts & Butt Rejuvenation

Rejuva Breast Machine
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What is Rejuva Breast?

Rejuva Breast is The Worlds First dedicated Sound Wave Treatment to Stimulate Collagen Production whilst Firming and Tightening at the same time Non invasively. Studies have shown it may also help with Lymphedema in Breast Cancer patients and Reduce contracture Fibrosis for women who are post Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Rejuva Breast will help your clients/patients reach their goals.

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Key Benefits

  • Exclusive Soundwave Technology: We are the sole providers of soundwave technology in the aesthetic industry, specifically designed for Breast, Butt, and Thigh treatments, setting us apart from competitors.
  • Comprehensive Training: Healthcare Professionals / Aestheticians gain access to full training via an easy-to-follow ebook, video tutorials, and online conferences for long-distance support, ensuring they master the machine's capabilities.
  • Industry Revolution: Our uniquely designed machine has revolutionized the Soundwave therapy industry, offering a game-changing approach to Body Aesthetics. Achieve body contouring goals, lift, and tone buttocks, breasts, and thighs without downtime or surgery.
  • Supported by Science and many Clinical Studies.
  • Quick and short treatment times.

By choosing our Rejuva Breast/Butt Machine, customers gain access to cutting-edge technology, thorough training, and an efficient solution to their body aesthetic needs, all with the added assurance of ongoing support and satisfaction guarantees.

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The Proof is in The Pudding

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Click on Image to view Results

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How Does Rejuva Breast Work?

Soundwave therapy works by delivering mechanical Acoustic/Shockwaves to the targeted area, which stimulates the body's natural healing response. These Acoustic waves trigger the release of growth factors, promoting collagen production and remodeling, resulting in improved skin elasticity and firmness.

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Clinical Studies

Listen to your peers from the  National Libary of Medicine: Click links below

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