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Our Black Sale Ends on Tuesday 28th of November at 23.59PM


Unveil the future of aesthetics with our cutting-edge Rejuva Breast & Butt Lift Machine, the first-ever soundwave device engineered to lift and firm both breasts and buttocks. Ideal for clinics and professionals, it delivers exceptional results. Elevate, tone, and enhance without pain or downtime. Optimal results with just three sessions.


This innovative shockwave therapy machine employs compressed air to propel a projectile up to 62 mph within a tube. Upon impact with the applicator's head, this kinetic energy transforms into powerful acoustic pressure waves. When harnessed for treatment, these waves stimulate muscle growth and promote collagen production. This dual-action approach results in fuller, firmer, tighter, and less saggy buttocks and breasts. Moreover, the treatment strengthens these areas, offering the benefits of CE certification, all in a non-invasive and effective manner.


Join the revolution in beauty! #RejuvaMachine #Aesthetics #BeautyInnovation

Black Friday Sale On Now

  • Colour: White

    Instrument Size: 370mmX300mmX200mm

    Carton Size: 460mmX435mmX345mm

    Net Weight: 4.662KG

    Gross Weight: 6.093KG

    Voltage: AC110V-220V

    Current: 3A MAX

    Power: 200W MAX

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